WEE Pros at the World Water Week 2017

WEE Pros GmbH participated in the World Water Week in Stockholm (WWW) which was held from 27 August – 01 September 2017, in Sweden, addressing the theme “Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse”

On MENA Focus, WEE Pros Co-founder Mohammed Obidallah contributed in a session “Water Security and Water Integrity Challenges” in which it presented WEE Pros role and experiences as an international consulting company active in MENA region, on water security challenges and key aspects to improve water security stressing the importance of good governance, stakeholder participation, accountability and transboundary cooperation. He highlighted the importance of understanding the Water Integrity concept and said that some kind of reform processes have been made in some countries, but unclear and overlapping responsibilities remain. He raised the issue of the full cost recovery, which if utilities still can’t achieve, they may face insolvency, and also the associated issue of Non-Revenue Water (Physical and Apparent Losses). He also underlined the importance of the participatory approach to improve effective implementation, while gender considerations are not only about increased representation.

WEE Pros also participated in the closed meeting on Water Integrity Capacity Building in the Middle East and North Africa, under the leadership of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) with the purpose to draw the roadmap of the second phase of the program.

Posted on September 4, 2017 in News

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