1. Study on the Reuse of Treated Wastewater and Sludge at National Scale in Jordan
  2. Technical Assistance for Hebron Wastewater Management Project “Hebron Regional Wastewater Management Project- Phase I” I”
  3. Market Study on Climate Resilience and Resource Efficiency in Buildings in the Countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean funded by EBRD-sub consultancy
  4. Consultancy services in connection with Rehabilitation of Dbayyeh, Jbeil and Nahr Ibrahim WTPs- Sub Consultancy.
  5. WATER POrT Component-Water and Climate Change Practice Framework Assessment Project in Egypt
  6. A study on the Operations and Maintenance and System Management of the Bekaa Water Establishment and the South Lebanon Water Establishment
  7. Assessment of Operations, Maintenance and System Management of Miyahuna and WAJ in Zarqa and Balqa Governorates-sub consultancy

Posted on May 31, 2018 in Projects

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