ACTED project

Under the umbrella of the project Providing sustainable work opportunities to refugees and vulnerable Jordanians in the agricultural sector in Jordan which is implemented by ACTED, WEE Pros is implementing the project “climate-smart agriculture”. The project aims to raise the awareness of cooperatives and individuals participating in the project concerning the importance, benefits, and techniques of climate smart agriculture and permaculture, to encourage adoption of such practices and to contribute to improving farmers' agri-practicies and productivity. 

The project is divided into two main tasks:

1. Training of cooperatives: Deliver 4 days of training to the 2 selected Cooperatives in Balqa Governorate on climate-smart agriculture techniques adapted to the Jordanian context: 

2: Training of individual beneficiaries: Conduct 60 days of technical trainings in field for the individual beneficiaries: provide consultancy, advice and guidance on climate-smart agriculture techniques (including soil management, crop management, pest management, and water conservation), to individual beneficiaries in Mafraq and Irbid Governorates during their implementation of agri-businesses focusing on the following techniques:

  • Permaculture principles
  • Hydroponics
  • Setting up wicking beds
  • Setting up reed beds
  • Water harvesting swales on contours 
  • Share experience and best practices of Jordan in applying climate-smart agriculture techniques.