WATER POrT Component-Water and Climate Change Practice Framework Assessment Project

As an exchange platform, WATER POrT strengthens the abilities of practitioners to deal with the impacts of climate change on the region’s water resources. It functions as a kind of marketplace where good practice examples can be transferred among regions for replication or adaptation. WEE Pros GmbH team in Egypt had worked on collecting and analyzing information about the existing practice framework as well as legal and institutional needs concerning adaptation strategies and measures on flood and drought issues in Egypt. Also prepared a Practice Assessment and Recommendation report for Egypt that is combined with other two reports for Jordan and Tunisia and contribute to the preparation of a practical guideline on climate change adaptation measures for water practitioners. The practice assessment report tackled limitations and lessons learned that were encountered during the report’s preparation and influenced the final product. The practical guideline identified a number of key components for the adaptation measures that was shared and discussed with end-users, i.e. water practitioners and stakeholders in the Egypt.