Vocational Training and Skill Enhancement for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in the Water Sector (VTW) Jordan-Field of Activity (B)

Within Field of Activity (B) of VTW, the project shall improve the structure for the provision of sanitation services and creates additional employment and income opportunities for trained sanitation professionals, these measures work at a variety of levels; at an organizational level, new and existing cooperatives for sanitation services are advised as they develop, and implement a business plan to provide their services and products. In joint venture with PEM Consult; WEE Pros GmbH is performing the following project activities within 2 years program:

  • implementation of water-saving and water loss-reducing services and products by sanitation professionals
  • provision of business start-up services for micro and small sanitation enterprises
  • identification of specific employment opportunities in public and private institutions for female sanitation services providers (e.g. schools for girls, universities and clinics)
  • development and piloting of a strategy for water wise plumbers
  • initiation and support for a network of sanitation service providers

The main activities of the project are also targeting institutional and business support to the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC), as the first female cooperative which provides plumbing maintenance services at a household level and spreads water use efficiency awareness to local communities.