Palestinian Territories

Technical Assistance for Hebron Wastewater Management Project- Palestine

The project is funded by (EU, AFD and World Bank) for the benefit of the Palestinian Water Authority and Hebron Municipality. It is implemented by (Seureca, WEE Pros and SES) Joint Venture. The project duration is three years.

The project aims at developing the water and wastewater sector in Hebron City and enable the Municipality to provide sustainable services to the inhabitants in line with local and national policy agendas. The specific objectives of the Technical Assistance project are:

  • Support Hebron Municipality in establishing a viable water and wastewater Hebron Municipality Urban Utility.
  • Prepare Hebron Municipality and the new Water Utility to operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities including the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Provide quick gains that show tangible services improvement.
  • Prepare grounds for future TA needs