UPMU project

WEE Pros GmbH is supporting the Management of Water Resources Program of GIZ-Jordan; within the Regulation and Private Sector Participation Component for implementing its activities regarding the Strengthening the Utility Performance Monitoring Unit (UPMU).  

The overall goal of the assignment is to enable the unit to implement its mandate to the extent possible through its core functions.  WEE Pros GmbH in association with LIS-Water will develop a 3-year Plan for the Operationalization of UPMU’s Full Mandate and with clear objectives. In addition, the consulting team shall develop regulatory guidelines or standards including Business planning guideline and Customer services minimum standards and relationship management standards.

Furthermore, during the project course, WEE Pros GmbH will provide training and coaching to UPMPU staff on the following topics:

  • Data analysis for reporting purposes and extraction of recommendations
  • Principles of target setting and follow up
  • Business planning and integration of recommendations for performance improvement

Moreover, an international knowledge exchange opportunities shall be discussed either via online workshops or through a study tour to a similar regulator in Europe.