Study Tour visit

Within the activities of strengthening regulatory functions of the Utility Performance Monitoring Unit (UPMU) for improving performance of the Water Utilities project in Jordan, implemented by WEE Pros GmbH in collaboration with GIZ and UPMU; WEE Pros GmbH and LIS-Water organized one week study tour for UPMU team members to Lisbon, Portugal to get introduced to the evolution of the regulation of water services in Portugal, sharing lessons and recommendations.

The study tour program included multiple meetings with the main public and private stakeholders of the water sector, official visit to the Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority (ERSAR) to have a closer look at quality of service regulation, water quality regulation, economic regulation, challenges and future prospects of water sector regulatory agency. The study tour also included a meeting with Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) to look at the environmental water regulation and the relation with the economic & performance of water regulation. Another meeting with a Portuguese large state owned water utility to discuss the interface of a Portuguese utility with the economic regulator.