Industrial wastewater_India

Under the umbrella of the Indo German Development Cooperation and through the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), WEE Pros GmbH is implementing the Project Methods for Assessment of Carrying Capacity of Rivers and Feasibility Study on Effluent Charges as a part of Output 4 of SIEP II Program. The project consists of two main tasks (A) Methods for assessment the carrying capacity of rivers, and (B) Feasibility study on effluent charges. The project area consists of three states in India: Uttarakhand, West Bengal, and Bihar.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. to propose applicable method(s) for undertaking carrying capacity assessments of rivers for taking decisions on discharge of treated wastewaters/effluents into rivers by the regulatory agencies (CPCB, SPCBs, PCCs, MoEFCC etc.), and
  2. propose a feasible solution and framework for introducing effluent charges by the regulatory agencies (CPCB, SPCBs, PCCs, MoEFCC etc.).

The project duration is 10 months extended from November 2020 until August 2021.