Iraq new project pic

WEE Pros GmbH is pleased to announce that it was awarded a new project in Iraq “Train Water Directorates on operations and maintenance (O&M) - Sulymaniya, Najaf, Wasit, Diyala, Muthanna under the umbrella of the USAID funded project Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability Project (IGPA).

The project which is anticipated to be implemented within eight months starting from May to December 2021, aims mainly at increasing water supply hours to citizens in target provinces through improved O&M of selected water treatment and pumping facilities and reduction of downtime due to operational failures.

The specific objectives are:

  • Develop selection criteria and, jointly with water directorates and IGPA/Takamul, select target water treatment and pumping facilities in target provinces;
  • Conduct a technical assessment of target water treatment and pumping facilities;
  • Conduct a training needs assessment (TNA) of operators of these facilities;
  • Examine O&M procedures and practices; mainly preventive maintenance practices applied regularly;
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and provide training on the use of these SOPs along with training on operation and maintenance best practices; and
  • Propose recommendations/plans to reduce failures and increase water supply hours at these select WTPs.