online meeting

On the 29th of April, 2021, in cooperation with UNICEF Libya Office, the Joint Venture (WEE Pros GmbH, DAMA and Wave) has conducted the online Kick Off Meeting of the Assessment of National Wastewater Systems and Institutions Project in Libya. The meeting was attended by UNICEF officials and representatives of the General Company for Water and Wastewater in Libya, in addition to the consulting team members.

The project aims at asessing of the extent of damages to GCWW wastewater infrastructure and systems. Asessing technical capacity, current network coverage rates with sanitation services; WWTP conditions and production, size of the available infrastructure and facilities, treatment percent, connection rates. Provide analysis of Environmental Impact and Quality of Effluent Treated Wastewater. Moreover, it will look at the assessment the legal, administrative/ organizational, financial, systems of the GCWW. Mapping of human resources capacities, identify gaps, and identify capacity building needs. And providing estimated costs, specifications and bill of quantities of goods and services necessary to continue operate, and/or rehabilitate the wastewater systems for the immediate, mid-term and long-term phase of development. Preparation of investment / development plans for rehabilitation / renovation, replacement of wastewater works on different lifespans: An urgent / immediate investment development plan (6-12 months); A med-term investment plan (1-3 years); A long-term investment / development plant (3-5 years).