WTP in Syria

WEE Pros GmbH is implementing a new project in Syria in cooperation with UNICEF office in Damascus. The project aims at developing Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for the water and sanitation sector in Syria. While these SOPs will focus on the following aspects and to be issued in both (Arabic and English languages):

  • SOPs for ground water wells
  • SOPs for water pumping stations
  • SOPs for water treatment plants 
  • SOPs for wastewater treatment plants
  • SOPs for operation and maintenance (O&M) for water distribution system (water storage and networks)
  • SOPs for operation and maintenance (O&M) for wastewater network (waste water network, manholes)
  • SOPs for water sources including protection and operation in emergencies.

SOPs development will be based on the local context and existing water and sanitation infrastructure in Syria, in consultation with the local entities responsible on water and sanitation services in Syria.