WEE Pros JO in partnership with GFA Consulting Group GmbH are awarded a new GIZ assignment in Jordan titled (Creating a Green Business Development Ecosystem in Jordan), which falls under the overall project “Green Action in Enterprises “GAIN” in Jordan" with the objective that “the private sector uses improved framework conditions from the government and associations for environmentally friendly and resource-saving production”.

WEE Pros JO in partnership with GFA Consulting Group will be responsible for the promotion of Green Business Development Services (BDS). The objective is to build the capacities of the BDS Providers and the ecosystem around them and deliver Green BDS services to Jordanian industrial enterprises. Which mainly focus on the concept of cleaner production and/or the environmental sustainability/green economy in a broader sense for medium-sized and large industrial firms, by providing them with access to technical and financial support services for the implementation of environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production processes.