Conceptual Preparation and Implementation of the Project Final Event GAMP – Achievements and the Way Forwards

In the framework of the Project “Bi-Cultural Regional Postgraduate Programmes in the Focal Areas “(„German-Arab Master’s Programmes / GAMP“), WEE Pros GmbH was contracted by GIZ-GAMP program to provide technical and organizational support to GIZ team via:

  • Preparation and organization of the Project Final Event on November, 2017
  • Design of a concept for the second day event, working title: “GAMP – Achievements and the way forward”
  • Identification and selection of the participants (approx. 100, approx. 60 of them GAMP alumni) in close liaison with the study programmes, DAAD and GIZ
  • Communication (coordination, preparation) with the selected participants in close liaison with the study programmes, DAAD and GIZ
  • Identification and selection of relevant themes and contributions (particularly from GAMP alumni)
  • Preparation of the agenda complemented with all necessary content-related and methodological explanations (e.g. concept note, CVs, abstracts)
  • Preparation of relevant materials (e.g. folder, poster)
  • Selection of end communication with speakers
  • Coordination with the main moderator from DAAD
  • Preparation of documentation on the event
  • Media work (announcements/articles for website, press)