Our Vision

          To be an international innovative company, providing integrated, sustainable solutions and profession­al services for water, energy and environment (WEE). We bridge Germany and the MENA Region, as we do understand both cultures.


          Our Mission

            Our team provides integrated services & consultation in the sector of water, energy and environment (WEE)  aiming at developing sustainable management solutions. We work hand in hand with utilities, donor agencies, institutions, public authorities and organizations which are developing and/or operating WEE projects, and seek good practices and innovative concepts to overcome challenges in the WEE sectors.

          Why to work with WEE Pros?

            – The WEE Pros team brings the benefit of a diverse knowledge working with public utilities, private sector, local communities, and international donor agencies


            – We help our clients in analyzing problems and offer adequate solutions


            – We are dedicated to excellence and leadership emerging in a green economy


            – We offer uncompromising commitment to capacity building and institutional development


            – We bring profound business linkages between MENA and Germany


            – We sustain a high level of transparency and professional integrity

          WEE Pros GmbH brochure

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Our Team

WEE Pros was founded by experts having more than 30 years of combined experience in water management and environment. Their paths came across after joining the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) master program for Arab & German Young Professionals in 2008. The founders are strongly linked to the water and environment sector in Germany and the MENA region. We believe in knowledge exchange and technology transfer in multicultural contexts to solve the vicious problems hindering the principles of sustainable development. The WEE Pros pool of specialists and sustainability experts is streamlined through recruitment of the German-Arab Master Programs (GAMP) alumni



WEE Pros provides a wide variety of management consulting services in the following sectors:












Member of

German Water Partnership


Successful projects and remarkable milestones are achieved with the support of qualified, motivated and professional experts. WEE Pros invests in human manpower and depends on proficient consultants covering a wide range of expertise starting from local settings and expanding to international level.

Join our pool of experts with your unique experience and value added knowledge. Please download our WEE Pros resume template here and send it back to [email protected] highlighting your main fields of expertise and areas/countries you are willing to work in.

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